Freedom from cables with Markant SIP trunking

Markant SIP Trunking provides an IP connection between our network and your PBX over the Internet. This solution gives your PBX access to the (PSTN) public switched telephone network allowing you to make and receive calls. You can create SIP Trunks right away and oversee them in the cloud through our platform.

It will enable dynamic call limit, improved versatility and access to a wide scope of hosted call management services. We support connections running from two channels for little PBX equipped businesses, o a boundless measure of channels for call centres and endeavor clients.

Features of Markant's SIP Trunk

Instant provisioning

Provision numbers and services right away. Scale your call limit anytime by including or removing the quantity of channels you use.

Save money

Benefit from free calls among workplaces and workers using our SIP Trunking service,a decrease of ISDN line rental and lower continuous call charges.

Business continuity

Our SIP Trunking provides better business continuity than ISDN plus includes disaster recovery (DR) and automatic failover features.

Integrated Hosted Telephony

Consolidate SIP Trunking with our advanced hosted telephony services like, Call Recording, Voicemail, IVR menus and Call Management services.

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